We are a small privately held company. Our size allows us to team with other professionals to provide better service to our clients. Additionally we can assist our clients in the selection of professionals with a proven track record in both their respective fields and within the specific geographical area (city or county) in which the project is located. Our clients,  which include  municipalities and counties, engineers, land owners, governmental agencies, commercial and residential developers, have benefited by having the best professionals for a given task on their project.

We strive to find creative solutions to satisfy the special needs of every project. The results are successful projects and repeat clients.

The approval process has become so complicated that no one professional organization can provide all the necessary services needed to bring a project to completion. Our typical services include:

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Rezoning Applications            

Concurrency Studies                   

Due Diligence Studies

Plat Preparation & Processing        

Land Surveys                               

Right-of-Way Surveys

Boundary Surveys                          

Topographic Surveys                   

ALTA Land Title Surveys                
Site Planning  Services                 

Plot Plans

Title Document Analysis               

As-Built Surveys                           

Tree Surveys

Route Surveys                              

Design and Control Surveys

Hydrographic Surveys                     

Condominium Surveys

Construction Layout                        

Land Descriptions                           

Quantity (Earthwork) Surveys